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Leila GOBI

Transe-Electro Touareg


Leila Gobi, originaire de la lointaine ville provinciale de Menaka dans le Sahel Malien, fait entrer la transe originelle touarègue dans une dimension électro contemporaine. Tout en restant fidèle aux racines de cette musique venue du désert, sa voix iconique s’impose dans un univers hypnotique.     

Leila Gobi, originally from the remote provincial town of Menaka in the Malian Sahel, brings the original Tuareg trance into a contemporary electro dimension. While remaining faithful to the roots of this music from the desert, her iconic voice imposes itself in a hypnotic universe.

LINE UP Leila Gobi (vocals/guitar),  Khalil M. Touré (guitars), Amadou Dembélé (bass), Abdourhamane Salaha (calabash/percussions), Matthieu Clara (machine/percussion)

Eh Khanzam - Leila Gobi
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Tchimey Goney - Leila Gobi
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An Nia - Leila Gobi
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An N'ga - Leila Gobi
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Mali / france (only on tour)

Tibo Gadeina

 live 2018

"Through the addictive groove beams Gobi’s indelible guiding light, rocketing above the clouds to thrillingly hold notes while singing of doing unto others, seizing the day, and confronting homesickness. Label it Songhoy house. Or, depending on the level of wraparound hypno-looping, Tamasheq trance. (That’s you, “An N’ga.”) Because this time, the real trip is in the mix, futuristically voyaging beyond Gobi’s home base of Bamako. Openly declared right in its title, the hopelessly danceable 2017 is not your grandmother’s Mali" 

#Mojo workin - Dennis ROZANSKI - Winter 2017

"The songs, sung in Songhoy and Tamasheq, are traditional in lyrical tone....However, the stripped-back groove lends the material a refreshingly forward-thinking, open-minded spirit. #FRoots - Dec 2017

"Leila Gobi's sophomore LP, 2017 (Clermont Music), is a different story. The recording - her voice, drenched in confident stealth over guitar, bass, and percussion - is complimented by whatever production constraints Hampathe Bah Studio in Bamako, Mali imposed on it. While no one would mistake this for the work of a Tamesheq griot, it manages to stay a bit closer to Malian pop's musical chassis. In fact, despite the stripped-down accompaniment, this record delves a bit further into dance grooves than her first one." 

#Roots World - Nov 2017

And here is what RebelBase has to say about Leila Walet Gobi - the production and mix "lift the album to an  entirely different level, and the result in an excellent album marrying Gobi's traditional vocals with modern beats and technology."
#Rebel Base - Nov 2017
".... an excellent album that ranks the traditions of Gobi with modern beats and technology."
#Tropicalidad - Nov 2017

"Eastern Malian Vocalist Leila Gobi has recorded her second album titled 2017, scheduled for release October 6, 2017. On 2017, Gobi presents an exciting mix of her magnetic high-pitched vocals, hypnotic electronic beats and the fabulous guitar lines of Khalil M. Touré."   #World Music Central- Oct 2017 

"Her youthful high, nasally pitched voice cutting through the competition of the flying guitar solos with power and precision."
Martin Longley #SONGLINES

“A prodigious young woman… shines with simplicity and groove.” 
Rick Sanders #FRoots Magazine​